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          关键词: 钢珠滑轨 钢珠滑轨系列 揭阳钢珠滑轨 三折钢珠滑轨 不锈钢滑轨
          ABOUT US

          Jieyang City Jiayu Hardware Products Co,. Ltd. established in 1995,is one of the leading factories specialized in steel ball sliding track door stopper,hinge and funiture hardware accessories etc.seriesproduct.

          Our factory owns a manufacture team with powerful synthetical technology which are experiene in research,development and design.To pursue our products with high quality,durable,handsome and fashionable and convenient installation.Our products sell well all over the world.We has gained the domesitic and oversea clients' trust and approval.

          With the unique perspective and the advanced technology,we will develop the higher new areas of technology,the forecast future,the pursue consummation quality,wholeheartedly wity the new and old customers to create a win-win situation.